Enhance Your Card Design with the dynamic logo feature


Using the Dynamic Logo element properties

Create an efficient dynamic logo design

Dynamic Logo Feature in BadgeMaker

BadgeMaker offers a powerful Dynamic Logo feature that allows you to seamlessly integrate dynamic logos into your card designs. Display different logos based on data on one card design, link specific logo images to your BadgeMaker Identity project data. The Dynamic Logo element provides the flexibility and customization you need.

How the Dynamic Logo Element Works

Dynamic logo design toolThe Dynamic Logo element acts as a placeholder in your card design, waiting to be replaced by a specific logo depending on the data you link to it. This means that each card you produce can feature a unique logo, giving your identification cards a more personalized touch.


Property 1: Select the Dynamic Field

Choose the dynamic field that you want the Dynamic Logo to reflect. This field will determine which logo is displayed based on the data you link to it.

Property 2: Scale the Logo

You have the option to select whether you want the logo to maintain its correct ratio or fill the whole field, ensuring a visually appealing result.

Property 3. Control Image Quality

For more advanced users, the 'Interpolation mode' allows you to control the image quality during scaling. You can choose from four interpolation modes: Default, Bicubic, Bilinear, and NearestNeighbor. If you're not familiar with these modes, it's best to keep the setting at 'Default'.

Property 4. Adjust Transparency

To further customize your logo, you can use the slider or enter a percentage to change its transparency, providing a subtle or more pronounced effect.

Property 5: Easily Add Dynamic Logos

Adding a dynamic logo is as easy as clicking a button. Simply click the 'Add Dynamic Logo' button to place the logo element into your card design.

Property 6: Choose Your Logo Image

Select the image you want to use as your dynamic logo by clicking the corresponding button. This gives you the freedom to use logos that are relevant to specific cardholders or projects.

Property 7. Set a Default Logo

You can mark an image as the default dynamic logo, ensuring it will appear if there is no specific data-linked logo available.

Property 8: Associate Values with Logos

Link the associated value of the dynamic logo to determine which logo will be displayed based on the data you've assigned.

Property 9: Easy Logo Removal

If you wish to remove a dynamic logo, it's a straightforward process. Simply select the logo you want to delete and click on the 'Remove Dynamic Logo' button.

Personalize Your ID Cards with Dynamic Logos

With BadgeMaker’s Dynamic Logo feature, you can elevate the visual appeal and personalization of your identification cards. Deliver a unique and professional touch to each card, making your identification process more efficient and visually engaging.

Try out the Dynamic Logo element today and experience the full potential of BadgeMaker’s customization features.