Welcome and thank you for using BadgeMaker. Below a short introduction of BadgeMaker

BadgeMaker is desktop-based card production software developed to design card layouts, manage, add or import card data, capture photo’s & signatures and printing a card with one click of a button making the card production quick and easy.

BadgeMaker is a combination of two specific modules that each have their own strength. BadgeMaker Design focuses on creating perfect card layouts and BadgeMaker Identity can handle your data with the ease of known spreadsheet software.

Introduction BadgeMaker Design

As a user you can design different types of ID cards or other layouts. Using a design tool that you understand, but still has all the needed functions to make the best design possible.
BadgeMaker Design can be used for all your design setups.

BadgeMaker Design gives you the basic tools to create a front and back design, with images, photo’s, drawing tools and dynamic data. You will be able to create a template with placeholders that help determine the layout of dynamic data. For example: where a Passport photo should be placed, a signature or the first and last name of person. Designing one template that can be attached to multiple data records in BadgeMaker Identity will have a great impact on your card production.

Introduction BadgeMaker Identity

As a user you can manage data and layouts for different types of ID cards using different types of printers. BadgeMaker Identity gives you the basic tools to import, add and manage data like person information, passport photos and signatures. This data can then be connected to a card layout and selected for printing. With BadgeMaker uploading or printing large amounts of data and cards is possible and makes your card production process an even better experience.

Any Windows PC with a network connection can be used to install the BadgeMaker. This PC needs to have an internet connection to download the installation link:

There is also an option to work with an offline version.

This manual does not describe the installation of printers or other peripherals like a Camera or Signature Pad. Please refer to the manufacturers manuals for further information on these devices.