Card Layers Menu
BadgeMaker Design

The Card Layers menu can be used to ‘order’ the sequence of the elements. The position of the elements in the list from top to bottom defines the position on the card from the front to the back.

Fig. Example of the Card layers menu.
A. Front design layers
B. Back design layers
C. Every type of layer has its own icon.
D. Each element has function icons for:
 oog When clicking on this icon you will make the selected layer visible or invisible.
 slotje When clicking on this icon you will lock or unlock the selected layer. When a layer is locked you will not be able to select or edit that element on the canvas.


The user can drag an A. element in the list and the new order will be B. reflected in the design:

Fig. The Rectangle element/layer in front and above the passport photo element.


Fig. The Rectangle element/layer was dragged down in the list showing the image moved back in the canvas view.