BadgeMaker Connect

The BadgeMaker Connect Add-on allows users to connect with external databases, and use the data to complement their local project, or even base the entire project upon. There are four types of databases supported:

• Microsoft SQL Server
• Microsoft Access files
• MySQL Server
• Oracle Server

Choosing from one of these four settings is highly recommended, however it is also possible to connect to a database through an ODBC driver.Connecting with one of the supported databases allows you to make full use of the database’s functionality.
For example: BadgeMaker will automatically lock tables when adding or updating records, it will automatically detect user rights and allows you to work with views.

Connecting with a data source through an ODBC driver proves you with more basic functionality, but it will suffice for most single-user environments. BadgeMaker Connect will automatically detect any available ODBC drivers on the system, if the required ODBC driver is not listed, it can be installed using the Microsoft update website or tool in your operating system.


This screenshot shows the Project Settings dialog, where the option for BadgeMaker Connect will be present depending on your license key.