BadgeMaker Connect
Changes when working with BadgeMaker Connect

There are a couple of changes that may be noticable when working with BadgeMaker Connect in comparison to regular BadgeMaker Identity projects.

Loading times
The time it takes to load your project, or to process changes to your database may increase. This is due to the time it takes to transfer data over the network, login to the database or retrieve data from the external data sources.

Greyed-out columns
Columns that have been marked as “read only” will have a grey background color when selected. It simply means that you will not be able to alter data for that specific column.

Data binding looks different
When working with multiple data sources, it can become confusing to remember what information belongs to what data source. In order to clarify, BadgeMaker will label sources with <table_name>.<column_name>. This means that a column “Firstname” coming from a table called “Students” will be displayed as “Students.Firstname” when binding data.

Updating or adding pictures
Depending on the read or write access restrictions and the configuration of image sources in your project, you may or may not be able to add new images.

Project has stopped working
BadgeMaker cannot prevent external data sources from changing. If a file gets removed, or a database gets changed, it might cause your BadgeMaker Identity project to stop working. Always consult with your database administrator to ensure that data you need in your BadgeMaker Project is made redundantly available to you.

Default values
When creating a new project, or when altering a project structure you are able to define certain default values for your column types. However, when using BadgeMaker Connect, these default values will be only filled for new records or when manually entering the information into the field. The reason for this is because the local project data does not contain the same amount of records as the external sources, and new records are never created automatically.