Release BadgeMakerScreenCheck is happy to announce the new release of our desktop ID badge software, BadgeMaker 2.6. Next to a couple of great new features and improvements of the software, we also gave the BadgeMaker website and the License Manager a small facelift.

The main changes for the release BadgeMaker 2.6:

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese as a new language, complimenting the existing languagues
    English, Spanish, German, French, Polish and Dutch.
  • Card designs can now be added immediately when creating a BadgeMaker project,
    and quick updates can now be done via a button in the layouts panel.
  • Quick-print settings are now saved and retrieved from the user default print settings.
    This prevents confusion, and also ensures that no problems arise after a printer driver update.
  • The Magicard Ultima is now supported (although still with a few known SDK issues).
  • Expansion of automatic error reporting. Users, who have metrics disabled,
    will be asked after a crash whether (once) a report may be sent.
  • BadgeMaker Design now offers fixed-length settings for dynamic fields.
  • Text elements now have a ‘fit’ setting, which ensures that the text always fits within
    the edges of the element (by making the font size dynamically smaller).
  • In addition, it mainly concerns a number of small improvements and crash fixes.

Read the notes for the release BadgeMaker 2.6.2 below for more information

Release BadgeMaker Design              BadgeMaker Identity


• Improved error reporting.
• Clarified certain license activation errors.
• The licensing system now uses a FIPS-certified algorithm.

New features for BadgeMaker Identity
• The new-project wizards now contain a step for adding card designs.
• Card designs can now quickly be updated via the layouts panel.
• Improved error reporting.

Improvements for BadgeMaker Identity
• Webcam access denied errors now point towards the webcam privacy settings.
• Improved search filter validation.
• Quick printing now uses and updates the user’s default print settings, instead of storing them
• Columns with a default value can now be set to ‘required’ even when they contain empty values.
• The BM7 importer can now handle ISO-numeric columns.
• After a crash, BadgeMaker Identity will now ask to send a crash report, if metrics are disabled.
• The export images window no longer marks fields as invalid before they have been filled in.

Fixes for BadgeMaker Identity
• Fixed a problem with certain MySQL databases that prevented obtaining table information.
• Fixed a local data loading failure caused by incorrect handling of large decimal values.
• Fixed that double-clicking anywhere in the open-project window would open the selected project.
• Fixed that Thumbs.db files in card design folders could cause saving project configurations to fail.
• Fixed that folders open in Explorer could not be deleted.
• Fixed a Wiegand-26 incorrect parity-bit encoding problem.
• Fixed that unbound CCI fields would cause printing to fail.
• Fixed problems with the empty and duplicate value checks in the project settings window.
• Fixed a failure to remove the temporary fonts folder after printing.
• Fixed a twain capture problem caused by a previous capture process still running.
• Fixed date formatting when changing a column type from date to text.
• Fixed a font release issue caused by non-ASCII characters in font paths.
• Fixed that BadgeMaker did not disconnect gracefully from the Share server when closing.
• Fixed a crash when selecting a csv file that was already in use.
• Fixed a crash when importing certain BM7 or IDPro7 projects.
• Fixed a crash when opening a biometric capture window, caused by certain project configurations.
• Fixed a crash when trying to select a biometric image file.
• Fixed a crash when trying to crop a biometric image.
• Fixed a crash when opening or closing a project, caused by certain project configurations.
• Fixed a crash when applying after-encoding triggers failed.
• Fixed a crash when trying to open Share projects.
• Fixed a crash when trying to add a design, when certain design files are locked by other programs.
• Fixed several crashes related to data-loading failures.
• Fixed several crashes when saving or loading the project configuration.
• Fixed several crashes caused by BadgeMaker Share connection problems.
• Fixed several other crashes.

Improvements for BadgeMaker Design
• Added fixed-length settings for dynamic fields.
• Added a fit-content-to-size option for text fields, which enables dynamic font size downscaling.
• The element properties panel now displays the chosen measurement unit.
• Added a scrollbar to the element properties and card design settings panels when they’re running out
of space.
• The preview panel now displays placeholder images for biometric image and barcode elements.

Fixes for BadgeMaker Design
• After a crash, BadgeMaker Design will now ask to send a crash report, if metrics are disabled.
• Fixed a bug where dynamic fields were not automatically generated when copy/pasting elements from
other designs.
• Fixed that double-clicking anywhere in the open-design window would open the selected design.
• Fixed a crash when copying certain dynamic-logo elements.
• Fixed a crash in the open-design window.
• Fixed a crash caused by a failure to obtain printer settings.

Improvements for BadgeMaker Share
• BadgeMaker Share now detects and handles ungraceful disconnects.
Supported Devices & Encoding
• Added support for the Magicard Ultima printer.

CCI Editor (v1.4.5):
• Bugfix siteCode values will not be set to 0 when saving CCI’s