Release BadgeMaker 2.8

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BadgeMaker Release 2.8

ScreenCheck is pleased to announce the new release of BadgeMaker version 2.8. The new release will be made availabe for download today on this website. Our existing BadgeMaker customers will also receive a request to update to the 2.8 version when they start their Badgemaker Software.

BadgeMaker BaseThe BadgeMaker 2.8 release offers, besides the improvement of existing functionalities, an extension of the encoding functionalities, which now also includes support for Prox, iClass and UHF Gen2 cards.

Badgemaker Premium Projects

In addition to the encoding extension, you can now also shop in the BadgeMaker 2.8 Store. Select, pay and download new premium card designs and projects in BadgeMaker. The Store is now available in both BadgeMaker Design and BadgeMaker Identity. A product from the Store, such as a downloaded project, is automatically opened in BadgeMaker Identity and a card design in BadgeMaker Design.

ScreenCheck is committed to supporting you in getting the most out of our products.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the new release.

View the Badgemaker 2.8 release notes for more information, such as the improvements of certain functionalities.



New features for BadgeMaker Identity

  • Added a menu link to the BadgeMaker store.
  • Added support for MySQL 8 databases.
  • Added support for prox-card card number reading.
  • Added a new trigger type: setting card number (PACS).
  • Added support for CX-7600 printers.
  • Added support for UHF Gen2 card encoding with Zebra ZXP7 printers.
  • Added support for UHF Gen2 card encoding with ThingMagic readers.
  • Added support for iCLASS encoding with Omnikey readers (card number reading only).
  • Added support for iCLASS card number reading with Elatec TWN4 and Omnikey 5×22 and 5×27 readers.
  • Added support for Elatec TWN4 readers with Magicard firmware.
  • Added support for 64-bit MS Access runtimes.

Improvements for BadgeMaker Identity

  • Printing will now fall back to default printer settings if user-specific settings cannot be obtained.
  • Improved detection of printer status.
  • Updated Matica XID 8300 support to work with the latest EDIsecure drivers.

Fixes for BadgeMaker Identity

  • BadgeMaker can now be closed, even when there are pending print jobs.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented printing with Zebra ZC network printers.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented printing with Evolis Avansia printers.
  • Fixed that the configuration file would be ignored under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem where invalid triggers could prevent project settings from being saved.
  • Fixed a querying problem with certain MS SQL Server databases.
  • Fixed a problem with Telepen numerical packing.
  • Fixed a Mifare Classic/Plus MAD v2 encoding bug.
  • Fixed a text layout bug with cursive and abugida scripts (such as Arabic, Hindi).
  • Fixed a problem with IDP Solid printers printing colored text as black text.

New features for BadgeMaker Design

  • Added support for designs with a right-to-left write direction.
  • Added a file encoding setting to the BadgeCreator importer.
  • Added a new stretch mode for images, and added stretch mode support for passport photo and signature elements.
  • Added a new dynamic field format that enables the use of certain control characters in barcodes.

Improvements for BadgeMaker Design

  • Updated the BadgeMaker store.

Fixes for BadgeMaker Design

  • Fixed that a fixed aspect ratio wasn’t applied correctly to elements with a border.
  • Fixed an element snapping bug in portrait designs.
  • Fixed that magstripe elements were not editable in single-sided designs.
  • Fixed that magstripe elements were not editable in single-sided designs.
  • Fixed that fonts that were only installed for the current user weren’t listed.
  • Fixed that the BadgeCreator importer didn’t import barcode colors.
  • Fixed a text layout bug with cursive and abugida scripts (such as Arabic, Hindi).